Millions Shelled Out In Damages in Defective Product Lawsuit

Hernia mesh lawsuit Each year, thousands of lawsuits are filed all over the world over defective vaginal mesh implants, where thousands of women sought monetary compensation for the injuries they sustained from the products that the manufacturers advertise as “safe.”

And while a story of a hernia mesh lawsuit victory is common, one of the bigger stories in recent years comes from pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, whose brand of surgical mesh has resulted in more than 55,000 lawsuits filed against the company. A recent lawsuit, however, resulted in the company’s loss of $20 million ($17.5 million and an additional $2.5 awarded to the woman who filed the lawsuit.)

How the case was won

The majority of the jurors were convinced of the woman’s story and believed that the company was well aware of the faults but failed repeatedly to address the problems. This is especially problematic since there are still thousands of pending cases that remain unopened to this day.

Why still use them?

But despite the life-threatening issues, women still use mesh implants to fix the organs that sag inside the pelvis, which can lead to problems such as organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. Meshes are made from synthetic polypropylene, which helps repair damage or weakened tissue.

Vaginal meshes are still widespread use throughout America and all over Europe. But have seen some challenges in recent years thanks to the injuries they can inflict. For example, in countries like Scotland, as much as 20,000 women have used vaginal mesh implants for over 20 years.

While there are still hundreds of more lawsuits still waiting to be answered and settled, this is one of many victories for the women whose lives are changed for the worse by faulty products created by manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson. Only time will tell whether or not manufacturers will take serious actions in improving their products.